Friday, December 16, 2011

Aspirations and College Applications!

Good afternoon!

There is no doubt that I want to attend college. It is a given. My older sister has a degree and is currently working on her law degree. My older brother has a degree as well and is doing awesome things with his life! They are my inspiration! I will follow my dream to be employed in the fashion field!   
In following that dream, my mom continuously reminds me that I need to apply for grants and scholarships to enable me to make my journey a little less bumpy.   

I have been living on and applying for scholarships! Mom was right! Junior year is the most important when it comes to grades. While applying for scholarships, you are asked to note and/or submit your GPA (Grade Point Average) and class rank. Junior year was a rough year and some of my grades slipped slightly, but thank goodness I am still eligible for a lot of scholarships based on my current GPA.

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  1. Like you new blog Nyasia! Good luck on your journey!